Fall Convocation: Tech Transformation

Help us refurnish our Health and Education Center to be ready for action in 2018!

Plan your year-end gift and consider a monthly commitment.

Other projects you may choose to donate torwards:

  • Missionary Training Fund: Make it possible for worthy students to train to be missionaries to their home countries.

  • Lord, Send Me: Assist expanding missionary projects abroad started and operated by Hartland alumni.

  • Hartland’s Ministry Fund: Support our Bible teachers and others as they minister on Christ’s behalf on and off campus.

  • Where Needed Most: Help us keep Hartland operating and meet vital needs as they arise.

It is possible to designate your donation to go towards the third and final stage of the “Health Education Center” to “Spring Into Mission”

You can be the sponsor of:

  • “Total Restoration” ($6,000 furnishes one guest room)

  • “Sleep Tight” ($3,000 covers quality mattresses, two sets of bed/bath linens, and hypoallergenic comforters(s) per guest room)

  • “Good Health” Help offer lifestyle guests the best and most comfortable surroundings to recover health!

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